Flute Lessons – beginner to advanced
Flute lessons are available for the complete beginner up to the advanced level, ages 4 to adult.  Whether you want to learn classical flute music, play pop tunes, or improve your school band music, I can help!  Depending on the level of the player, I work with method books, scales, studies, and pieces.  Young beginners will use the KinderFlute method as outlined below.

KinderFlute is an award winning method developed by Kathi Blocki that allows young children to play the flute.  The program is geared towards children ages 4-10, offering a comprehensive foundation to flute playing using games, activities, movement, and listening.  Using a special tool called the Pneumo Pro wind director, children learn to make a beautiful flute sound right from the beginning.

Piano Lessons – beginner to intermediate
Piano lessons for the beginner student, ages 4 to adult.  We work with warm ups, scales, exercises, games, and a method book to build a good foundation for piano playing.  A solid foundation in piano is something every musician should have!

School Band Instruments
Tutoring for any school band instrument is available to those students who wish to improve their band music.  I am familiar with most band instruments and have many tips and tricks to help the student learn various musical concepts and learn how to practice effectively.  In this program, I have taken on “C” and “D” students and helped them to earn “A’s” and “B’s.”

Flute Ensemble Lessons
If you are looking to play music with a friend, then small ensemble is for you!  Small ensemble lessons are available to groups of 2 or more flute students.  In small ensemble lessons I focus on aspects of ensemble playing rather than individual technique.  Makes a great addition to private lessons!